I think it is fair to say that starting Worldly English has been my dream for many years. From the moment that I passed the CELTA and qualified as an English teacher, in 2005, I fell in love with teaching and the endless possibilities that it offers to both student and teacher. It allows student and teacher to create a very special bond through hard work, trust, laughter, frustration, progress and success. It has allowed me to travel and work in many countries, to meet amazing people, to train government officials, young learners, company directors, teenagers on summer camps, pensioners and people who were made unemployed during the 2008 global credit crisis. I have taught in classrooms, boardrooms, lounges, hotels, restaurants, churches, parks and bars. More recently, I have taught online.

Through teaching and travelling, I have seen the good, the bad & the ugly in the world. New technology means that there is now a whole new way for teachers to reach students all over the world and for students to have greater choice when searching for the right teacher. Hopefully that teacher could be me!

English is unique in the modern world: it is the global language of business, diplomacy, international politics, humanitarian work and the law. Also, like it or loathe it, through the success of Hollywood movies, UK & US music, the internet and now streaming services like YouTube and Netflix, it is a major language of entertainment, dancing, partying, protesting and chilling!

Worldly English allows me to combine many years of business experience working in Information Technology with my love and passion for teaching English. This is honestly a dream come true for me. Share this journey with me and let me help you reach yours!